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Resource Forum Rules Empty Resource Forum Rules

Post by butler on Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:33 am

This forum is for documenting/publishing:

  1. Custom Map files (.elm)
  2. Custom Tab Maps (.dds)
  3. Game Secrets
  4. Custom Models for the EL/OL Client
  5. Custom Textures
  6. Custom projects based around OL
  7. Any other relevant resources

This forum is partly made to help publish things that would otherwise have to go on the OL Discord as they aren't suitable for the Official Other-Life forums. Due to the fact they may get lost more easily on the discords, the purpose of this forum is to help make a better record of them.

As such:

  1. Please ensure linked/hosted files are working
  2. Please report deadlinks in their threads
  3. Please do not delete threads or posts containing files/links
  4. Threads inactive for lengths of time will be locked for Archival
  5. Purposefully fake threads will be closed

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